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Alec Empire is many things to many people:

- The charismatic front man of Atari Teenage Riot (German magazine SPEX even called him "the first true German popstar")
- The innovative and intellectual electronic music producer who, very similar to Brain Eno or Aphex Twin, would perform at classical music halls and score films.
- The guitar wizard during his phase for the album "Futurist".
- The digital activist who is probably the closest musician to the hacker scene, who gave last years opening keynote speech at the biggest hacker conference in the world, the 31c3 by the Chaos Computer Club, premiered music videos at Defcon in Las Vegas.

He simply does not fit in. He always manages to keep his integrity. This made him win a massive audience over all the years.
Dave Grohl was quoted in Kerrang Magazine saying that Alec Empire "had done something with this music so radical that nothing afterward will survive."
Indeed a very good reason to go and see him and make up your own mind!

Let's start with the facts :

Alec Empire, in addition to being an outstanding musician who has made a unique contribution to the evolution of contemporary music, is also an exceptional record producer, remixer, and DJ. In a time when overhyped bands are dying like flies barely one record into their careers, Alec travels his own path with a determination and a sonic vision rarely seen amongst today’s musicians.
He started the band Atari Teenage Riot, the revolutionary outfit like no other, which made charged political statements and even started riots.
Alec has worked with an astonishing variety of musicians. From the likes of Björk, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jon Spencer, Rammstein, Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, Slayer and many more...
He has toured with Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Beck, and the list goes on like a christmas present list. He’s ticked most boxes on the achievement’s list, toured the world, has received a Kerrang Award, and has had his music in blockbuster Hollywood films.

Alec Empire is louder than My Bloody Valentine or Motörhead. When he feels like it.

Current releases :
Atari Teenage Riot - Reset
Alec Empire - Low On Ice (Remastered)

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Alec Empire booking contact : MO[AT]MEDIA-LOCA.COM

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