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Andrew Pekler was born in the U.S.S.R. and grew up in the U.S.A.
In the mid-1990s he moved to Germany and began recording electronic music.
Utilizing both improvisation and composition Andrew Pekler integrates elements of jazz, pop, electronic music, exotica and modern classical into his own looping and sampling-based musical sensibility. He has released several highly-regarded albums, played concerts in Europe, N.America, Asia and Australia and composed music for film, dance and theater.

Out Now :

Andrew Pekler ‎– "Tristes Tropiques" - faitiche14 LP/DL

Extract of an interview with Andrew Pekler on his new album "Tristes Tropiques" :

"Jan Jelinek: You’ve titled your album Tristes Tropiques – a reference to Claude Lévi-Strauss’ famous account of his travels among native peoples in the Mato Grosso. If I remember correctly, the book can be read in two ways: as an ethnographic study of indigenous Brazilian tribes, and as a critique of anthropological methods. What exactly about Tristes Tropiques inspired you? The melancholy travelogue, or the formation of a new, critical school of thought?

Andrew Pekler: Both. Lévi-Strauss’ constant reflection on the purpose of his work and the often melancholy tone of his writing constitute an internal tension which runs throughout the whole book. Tristes Tropiques is many things; autobiography, traveler’s tale, ethnographic report, philosophical treatise, colonial history. But ultimately, it’s the author’s attempt to synthesize meaning from fragments of his own and other cultures that resonated most strongly with me – and led me to a new perspective on how I hear and make music. ..."

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Other Releases :

Andrew Pekler ‎– "The Prepaid Piano & Replayed" - Entr'acte ‎– E177, Senufo Editions

Giuseppe Ielasi & Andrew Pekler - "Holiday For Sampler" - Planam

Andrew Pekler ‎– "Cover Versions LP"- Senufo Editions & Fantôme Verlag
For this edition he selected 300 different covers from second-hand records and, using colorful geometric elements to cover over all titles, performer’s names, and label logos, removed traces of the covers’ original contexts.
The sunsets, couples in silhouette, alpine panoramas, roses on pianos, female faces in close-up, and seascapes no longer serve as the packaging for easy listening and exotica.
Instead, the romantic, bizarre and intriguingly bland images of the original covers are free to lend their evocative powers to the record of new music they now house.
Info and listening :


More :

Andrew Pekler "Secret Thirteen Mix 056"
...“Secret Thirteen Mix 056” is like a striking and intense Fernand Léger modern art painting “Composition” where group of abstract figures represent the restoration of harmony between different races of the world and shows peculiar commitment to disarmament. Pekler's authenticity, enthusiasm, vitality, flexibility and aesthetics in this picturesque mix should reward every minded and hearted personality with an absolute pleasure for one's soul...
Full read, tracklist and listen at :

Andrew Pekler's album "Sentimental Favourites" has been awarded in 2013 with the French Qwartz Electronic Music Awards,



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