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45 Minuten für Hall und Raum, October 2019

Orgelvirtuose Charlemagne Palestine und seine berühmten zwei Cognacgläser waren am Abend des 20. September 2019 in der Zwingli-Kirche Berlin zu Gast. Ein kurzer Auftritt, den man trotzdem nicht verpasst haben sollte.

Schmutz Berlin, October 2019

His solo organ concert in the impressive neo-gothic Zwingli church in Friedrichshain started with an anthem for Rosh Hashanah celebrating the Jewish new year. When he chanted “Oh Palestine – oh Palestine,” was he celebrating himself or was there more to it? We’ll never know for sure. We’ll also never know how this concert would have sounded with a fully functional organ. “The organ is sick” Palestine proclaimed at the end, and as such, he could only do so much. Taped with red dots some of the most basic pipes like the bass flute did not work. Flawed instrument or not, Palestinecreated an impressive reverberation of the church walls.

Palais Wittgenstein Berlin, September 2019

Der Veteran und Schamane der Minimal-Music Charlemagne Palestine spielt ein exklusives Orgel-Konzert in der monumentalen Zwingli-Kirche. [...]
Seine installativen Konzerte sind situationistische Happenings in bester Fluxus-Tradition.

Digital In Berlin, August 2019

The American composer, sound artist and film maker Charlemagne Palestine counts as one of the pioneers of minimal music along with La Monte Young, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. Palestine has worked among others with musicians such as Pan Sonic, David Coulter, Tony Conrad and Michael Gira. He has released more than 20 solo albums and played at festivals all over the world.

Avvenire, September 2018

Il pianista, artista e performer sabato sarà a Bolzano per il festival Transart: «La parola musica è troppo precisa. Tutto ciò che faccio è sacro, un viaggio nel trascendente»

The Huffington Post

Hundreds Of Stuffed Animals At The Jewish Museum Pay Unlikely Tribute To Immigrants
Charlemagne Palestine’s “Bear Mitzvah” reflects on immigration, optimism and spirituality.

A solo exhibition with artist Charlemagne Palestine, who also spent several years living and working in Rotterdam, includes early video works, sculptures, paintings, installations, and sound scores. Charlemagne Palestine works form a highly personal universe of rituals, intoxication, and shamanism. In the last four decades, the artist has created an extensive body of experimental musical compositions, bodily performances, and, in later years, visual art works that are inhabited by stuffed animals. To Palestine, teddy bears figure as powerful shamanic totems, which he fondly calls Divinities.

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

Charlemagne Palestine, interviewed by Steve Dalachinsky
This interview on the occasion of the exhibition GesammttkkunnsttMeshuggahhLaandtttt at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz 18/9 – 8/11 2015, is a shortened version of a text published by BOMB Magazine in 2014. It allows a comprehensive view on the world of Charlemagne Palestine.

'I'm A Walking Bordello!': Charlemagne Palestine Interviewed
The New York artist/composer sits down for an in-depth interview with Erin Lyndal Martin, to discuss animism and stuffed toys, ringing church bells in '60s New York, sacred musics and trance states

Charlemagne Palestine – a man who plays the whole building
The notorious piano-destroying, soft-toy loving Charlemagne Palestine is in the UK this weekend.
Alfred Hickling gets a rare audience with a pioneer

RBMA Radio - Fireside Chat
An audience with Charlemagne Palestine: the performance artist and playful auteur of modern minimalist composition details a life searching for otherworldly peace.

RBMA Radio - On The Floor
Marathon listening for spatial awareness: drone shaman Charlemagne Palestine opens the highways of the mind. Recorded live at ISSUE Project Room.

GROOVE, Feb 2016:
Charlemagne Palestine @ Ambientfestival 'Zivilisation der Liebe'

Der Standard (AT) - Charlemagne Palestine: Kuscheltiere schreien nach Liebe

The Sydney Morning Herald: Welcome to 'Charleworld', June 2011

HIS best-known work (1974's Strumming Music) features two notes played in rapid alternation on a keyboard for more than 45 minutes. But don't call the US-born musician Charlemagne Palestine a ''minimalist''. ''It's a horrible title,'' he says. ''Imagine saying to your mum, 'Mum, do you love me? Yes, minimally'. It doesn't describe me at all.'' Palestine is performing in Australia for the first time at this week's Melbourne Jazz Festival.

Charlemagne Palestine's profile @ Subrosa

Sensual, physical and visceral music trance - interview by Daniel Varela (June 2002)
A long neglected musician, composer, performer and visual artist, Charlemagne Palestine is only recently recognized as a driving force in experimental music scene. Through many years of his recordings have been so difficult to obtain and his performances involving long sound masses could be heard only as an obscure story-telling. His early work with carillon and electronic sustained drones has given place to his better known piano work in the seventies, concerts in which many times Palestine bleed his own hands after an exhilarating playing technique. After years of retirement doing visual installations and traveling, the nineties has been more friendly with Palestine. Many young musicians value his work and some small independent record labels are particularly diligent with remarkable releases of his work. This interview was done in Barcelona, in November 2000 during LEM festival of experimental music. Many quotes will drive interested people to many other items Palestine-related.

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