live   -   sub rosa, alga marghen / brussels, belgium

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Attention: 3 hours for sound check!

Travel details, please note:
23 KG for check-in luggage
2 flights from and to BE-Brussels, 1 double room 4* (preferably with arrival 1 day prior to the concert)

All questions to be directed to MO[AT]MEDIA-LOCA.COM


The biggest (about 2 metres x 0,80/0,90 metres) and best grand piano you can get!
- Fazioli or Bösendorfer or Bechstein or Kawai or BIG Yamaha

DPA microphones will be put into it with magnet stands, to be inserted into FOH master system

Synthie keyboard with “Organ Sound”, into FOH with a DI box interface

Vocal microphone + stand, with separate insert into FOH master system

2 Channels DPA:
2 Channels TC Helicon
2 Channels Sytho Organ Keyboard
1 Vocal Mic Stereo

Charlemagne Palestine will bring:
TC Helicon Voice Synthesizer with a Shure cordless Mic system attached to it, to be plugged into the FOH

DPA microphones

Mac Laptop with Cubase 50 Channel Sound Grouping, attached to TH Helicon by USB, leading to master System


Please send photos of all details (manuals, pedalboard, organ stops)

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