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Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 38 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Her name stands for the intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. Her DJ-sets are characterized by a wide variety with a clarity of vision and a depth that comes from a deep understanding of the music and the art of DJing. As a composer and musician, she creates music for concert spaces, clubs, sound installations and occasionally for stage plays and short films. In her compositions and live performances, she emphasizes the spatial-temporal placement of subtly elaborated sounds and structures, often generated from speech recordings. Electric Indigo shuttles between Vienna and Berlin.


ELECTRIC INDIGO – 511593 (Imbalance Computer Music 09 /CD, download, 2x12“ vinyl)

More info and pre listen at roberthenke.com/releases/icm-09

The 5 1 1 5 9 3 performance is a quadrophonic journey into sonic particles and sparse powerful rhythms.
Icy beat-scapes from the outer part of club culture meet alien space ships, travelling with warp speed towards total immersion, supported by colour fields and subtle video compression artefacts.

Darcy In Paradise from Electric Indigo on Vimeo.

“March’s Best Music” (Resident Advisor)

“Our 10 favourite releases from March” (The Vinyl Factory)

Video interview for Profil

“The atmospheres are restrained and industrial, but within them she constructs fascinating depths of field.” (Resident Advisor)

“...what I hear is an album teeming with energy and an eagerness to explore” (Stray Landings)

“While unremittingly greyscale in tone and minimalist in structure, 5 1 1 5 9 3 still possesses a depth of colour and striking variation of pattern within those parameters.” (Boomkat)

"5 1 1 5 9 3, the debut Electric Indigo album is very much an important milestone for both Electric Indigo as an artist but also techno as an entire genre.” (Bleep)

"a diverse haven of crunching, pulsating, warped noises and offbeat rhythm patterns that trying to keep track of every blip and twitch will make your head spin.” (At The Barn)

“...zugleich Techno und kein Techno” (Groove)

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Happy weekend with DJ Electric Indigo ;-)

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Die Angel / Xambuca North American Tour

Die ANGEL (Ilpo Väisänen & SchneiderTM) @ Public Records

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