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"To call her the most important woman in the Austrian electronic scene would be an insult: Electric Indigo long ago reached a level where conventional gender definitions are obsolete. As a DJ, she enjoys international rank, and as a producer she's becoming even more influential."
(Sven Gaechter, Editor-in-Chief of Profil magazine and DJ)

Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 38 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Her name stands for the intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. Her DJ-sets are characterized by a wide variety with a clarity of vision and a depth that comes from a deep understanding of the music and the art of DJing. As a composer and musician, she creates music for concert spaces, clubs, sound installations and occasionally for stage plays and short films. In her compositions and live performances, she emphasizes the spatial-temporal placement of subtly elaborated sounds and structures, often generated from speech recordings. Electric Indigo shuttles between Vienna and Berlin.
Electric Indigo started her DJ career in Vienna 1989 and lived in Berlin for three years [1993-1996] to work at the legendary Hard Wax record store. In those years, she also began to produce music, first releases came out in 1993. 10 years later, she started her own label indigo:inc recordings which is sound asleep nowadays... In 1998, she founded female:pressure an international database and network for female artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts which was awarded with an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2009. Institutions like the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the University of Fine Arts Vienna, and the University of Applied Arts Vienna commonly invite Electric Indigo as a guest lecturer. She received the "outstanding artist award Musik 2012" in the category electronic music and computer music and the national grant for composition 2013 from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.


Frauenring award for rendering outstanding services to equal opportunities for women in electronic music and digital arts [2015]
Content Award for MORPHEME [2014]
Austrian National Grant for Composition [2013]
Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention for female:pressure, category digital communities [2009]
outstanding artist award Musik [2012]
Fair Music Award for female:pressure [2007]
Marianne.von.Willemer.04 Frauen.Netzkunst.Preis [2004]


Electric Indigo and Trishes curating the Vienna Popfest 2015.
MORPHEME premiered as an audiovisual multichannel concert together with Thomas Wagensommerer at CTM Festival in January 2015.
MORPHEME premiere as stereo concert at Heroines of Sound Festival 2014.
ABSTRIAL [opera, music by Pia Palme and Electric indigo, KosmosTheater, Vienna, 2013]
Chiffres [multichannel composition, premiere at e_may / Wien Modern 2012]
RRHONFEER-RRHEFNEOR [multichannel composition, Moozak Festival 2012]
Structuring Contours [multichannel composition, premiere at Klangspuren Festival 2011]
Composition of 6 pieces for the Austrian pavilion at the EXPO Shanghai together with Alexander Wagendristel [2010]
Sound signature for net culture lab Vienna and Dornbirn, Austria [2007]
Icerecord for Nik Hummer's / Claudia Märzendorfer's installation "Viel Lärm um nichts", Modernistmozart Festival [2006]
Thomas Zeitlberger – Fashionista [Videojingle Austrian Fashion Week 2004]
Marko Lulic – Tesla 21 [Video, 2003, live score 2002 at Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia]


Electric Indigo - Cinq/Zero [Suicide Circus Records Dark Series] January 2015
Electric Indigo - Waiting [PUSSY RIOT FREEDOM Compilation] Dezember 2013
Electric Indigo - Mongolia EP [Houztekk 011] January 2013
Point Dot - Wavland / Electric Indigo Remix [Blaq Records] August 2012
Evirgen - Sky Is Bleeding / Electric Indigo Remix [TEMP∼Records] January 2012
VLP - Terrain [Idyllic Noise] 2011
Electric Indigo & irradiation – Phytoplankton [temp~records] Dec. 2010
Vinilette – Neu Electrica / Electric Indigo Remix [Dame Records] 2010
Toktok – 12:34 PM / Electric Indigo’s 12 AM Remix [Toktok Records] 2010
Ina D – All Is Well / Electric Indigo Rework [Missive Music] 2010
Electric Indigo – Siberia EP [indigo:inc] 2009
Electric Indigo & irradiation – We Want You [Elektro Gönner compilation] 2009
Joseph Haydn – Winter / Electric Indigo Flachs Dub [Universal] 2009
Electrin Indigo – Selenga [temp~festival compilation] 2009
Beroshima – Moonraker / Electric Indigo Remix [Mueller] 2009
Electric Indigo & Chez Debs – Dig Me Out [arteleku] 2008
Electric Indigo – Gorodok [Athletikk] 2008
Irradiation – ridin’ / Electric Indigo Remix [female:pressure DVD1] 2008
Electric Indigo - Olive Mix CD [Urban Art Forms] 2007, feat. Indigo’s Gorodok Blockwerk - Straight Forward / Electric Indigo Remix [Oddtime 005] 2007
Electric Indigo & Dorit Chrysler: Sheets [Chicks On Speed Records / Girl Monster compilation] 2006
Exil System remixed - Electric Indigo: Die Söhne Und Das Biest [Pripuzzi 001] 2005
TokTok - Dendenden / Electric Indigo & Hautmann Remix [v-records] 2005
Markus Güntner feat. Rich - Everybody / Electric Indigo Remix [Spring] 2005
Electric Indigo - Six-Trak Reworks 2 [indigo:inc] Dec. 2004
T21 - Personal Feelings / Electric Indigo Remix [Le Maquis] Nov. 2004
Electric Indigo - Six-Trak Reworks 1 [indigo:inc] Nov. 2004
SPG - Yes We Are / Electric Indigo Remix [Soundlab] Oct. 2004
Gwenn Labarta - Vortexx Voice Track / Electric Indigo Remix [UMF 025] Sep. 2004
Microthol - Sexy Lady / Electric Indigo Remix [indigo:inc] 2004
Reinhard Voigt - How We Rock / Electric Indigo Remix [Kompakt 91] 2003
Electric Indigo - Six-Trak EP 2 [indigo:inc] 2003
Electric Indigo - Six-Trak EP 1 [indigo:inc] 2003
Electric Indigo / Acid Maria - Welttour Mix CD [True People] 2003, feat. Beautiful Angelica, The Puzzle
Electric Indigo - Leitmotiv Mix CD [Leitmotiv] 2002, feat. Indigo’s Dirty Floor
Electric Indigo - Tribute to Gazometer Mix CD [XXX Records] 2001
Electric Indigo & David Carretta - I Want You [Volkstanz] 2000
Electric Indigo - U.S.A. Mix CD [Petra] 2000
Electric Indigo & David Carretta - Comin' at You [Pornflake] 2000
Electric Indigo & David Carretta - Automat [Int. DJ Gigolos] 2000
Electric Indigo - Hitchhiker [Mueller] 1999
DJ Rush - Oh La La / Electric Indigo Mix [Mental Groove] 1996
Electric Indigo Mix Tape [Int. DJ Gigolos] 1996
Loisaida Sisters - Home Cooking ep [Pharma] 1996
Electric Indigo & Walker - Golden Gate Bridge [Temple] 1995
Electric Indigo & Walker - SP 12 Trax [DJungle Fever] 1994
Northstar - Figure Skating ep [Disko B] 1994
Color Climax Corporation - Blog Mig Ud / Electric Indigo Remix [Space Works] 1994
DJ Hell - My Definition of House / Northstar RMX [Disko B] 1994
Northstar - Electro Silence / Energy 93 Compilation [Disko B] 1993
Electric Indigo & Richard Bartz - Wolkenkratzer [Disko B] 1993
Electric Indigo - Skyway [Experimental, NY] 1993



"Gudrun Gut: Tanz durch die Fettnäpfchen" – Interview with Gudrun Gut – De:Bug 111, Apr. 2007 [pages 26 - 30]
"Wunsch nach Karriere und Erfolg" – fiber 10, Nov. 2006 [Seite 13]
"Marry Klein" – preamble for a female:pressure month in Munich – Harry Klein program folder, Oct. 2006 [page 2]
"Vom Diskjockey zum Jockey: Renaat Vandepapeliere startet R&S Records neu" – Interview mit Renaat Vandepapeliere – De:Bug 106 , Sep. 2006 [pages 26 - 29]
"Im Hardwax arbeiten" – Groove #96, Sep. 2005 [page 13 of the central special "Plattenladen"]
"Elektronische Musik als Katalysator bei der Beseitigung herkömmlicher Grenzen im sozialen Raum - der Club als Schauplatz neuer gesellschaftlicher Strukturen" – mica Dialog, Nov. 2001 [online]
"free re:public oder Loveparade?" – Malmö, July 2001


CLUBS : Ultraschall, Harry Klein, Rote Sonne [Munich], Berghain, WMF, Maria, E-Werk, Tresor, Elektro [Berlin], Robert Johnson, Omen [Frankfurt], Studio 672 [Cologne], Flex, rhiz, Fluc, Porgy&Bess [Vienna], House Of Blues, Mad Bar, Big Wig [Chicago], Motor Lounge, Majestic [Detroit], Lunatarium, Limelight, Tunnel, Soundfactory, Killer, Palladium [New York City], Gorod [Moscow], 4 Rooms [Novosibirsk], Object 01 [Irkutsk], Womb, Colours Studio [Tokyo], Sativa [Edingburgh], Fuse [Brussels], Brancaleone [Rome], Roxy [Prag], Loft, Moog [Barcelona], Pulp, Rex, Batofar, Le Triptyque [Paris], L'Usine [Geneva], Rohstofflager [Zurich], Shocken 17 [Tel Aviv], Orange [Beijing], La Sala [Bogota]
FESTIVALS / EVENTS : Detroit Electronic Music Fest [USA], ars electronica [Linz], moving patterns [New York, Bukarest], Nuits Sonores [Lyon], c/o pop [Cologne], EXIT [Novi Sad], Musik und Maschine [Berlin], e-may[Vienna], Hear I Am [Vienna], Sziget Festival [Budapest], tba art pavillion opening [Lopud, Croatia], temp~ electronic music festival [Greifenstein, Austria]
RAVES : Loveparade, Mayday, Electrobunker, Technomania, Melt Open Air [Germany], Energy [Zurich], Futura [Sarajevo], City Of Women [Ljubljana], Fantasia [NYC], Ambient City [Helsinki], Hard:Edged, Suicide, BPitch Control [Berlin], Hyperspace [Budapest], Welcome to Techno Park [Chicago], Scuby Snacks [Los Angeles]

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