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IKLECTIK, March 2017

Interview : The Future is Female
In this interview, conducted over Skype, Indigo talks to Ilia Rogatchevski about the philosophy and technology behind granular synthesis, her work with Female Pressure as well as the politics surrounding the use of sampled female voices in electronic music.


Stereoklang, Sept 2016

Interview : Electric Indigo keeps on Pushing the Boundaries in the Techno Werkstatt
"I am constantly trying to find a way to incorporate both strands of my musical passion into one piece of music. The experimental, electro-acoustic music and my love for heavy beats, bass and dancing. I feel that I move forward but still have a lot ahead of me. And I can’t even define exactly (yet) what I’m aiming for…"


Straylandings, September 2016

...Her most recent 12”, the HET released ‘Seven’ EP, sees a meeting of these two worlds, treading a line between the dancefloor and the avant-garde. ...


Groove Magazine, August 2016

Interview und podcast mit Electric Indigo (in German)


Lecture @ Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2016, for re-listening via Voice Republic :

Susanne Kirchmayr (aka Electric Indigo) presents »female:pressure«, a network and online database for female artists who work in the fields of electronic music and digital arts, she founded in 1998 and has been maintaining since then.

voice republic/female-pressure

dBs Berlin, July 2016 :

... Electric Indigo ... is a pioneer in the field of electronic music and a huge fan of making lists of things to-do. The latter characteristic helped her become the original founder of female:pressure with a bit of inspiration from some unsavoury experiences in the, even more, male-dominated music scene in which she began working. In order to finish a piece of work she admits to needing a deadline, and this external motivation is reflected in her community approach towards disseminating information.


Progress, June 2016

„Ich bekomme Schmerzen, wenn Leute Texte singen.“


Red Bull Music Academy Daily, May 2016

Here, Electric Indigo digs through her vault of flyers to highlight choice parties from more than 20 years as an internationally touring DJ.


C/O Vienna, April 2016 :

I find DJANE really horrible. I can’t make people stop using it, it’s a tenacious expression. There’s one or the other colleague who uses it on purpose to reinforce a female form to her profession, sure, even though it’s an acronym. It is a dreadful malapropism and simply has this Tarzan and Jane connotation...


Paranoise (Eng/Grec), February 2016

In the far future, when we will have achieved an equitable, just society, female:pressure will be obsolete and maybe still continue as a loose network of like-minded people. But until then its potential of empowerment, action and support will be very useful.


FM4 Radio (interview in German, 2 hours), January 2016

Paddle against the Mainstream
Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo erzählt im FM4 Doppelzimmer von 13 bis 15 Uhr über die Atemgeräusche alter Orgeln, über die Milleniums-Parade in Berlin, warum sie in der Wohnung ihrer Großeltern wohnt und über das Netzwerk female:pressure.


Electronic Beats, August 2015

Two female DJs fight sexism in dance music. Female:pressure founder and veteran DJ Electric Indigo talks to Umfang, who is leading the new wave of activism with the blog Discwoman and party Technofeminism.


Create Digital Music, August 2015

female:pressure's techno compilation is heavy, required listening

Listen :

RBMA radio, August 2015

The Austrian DJ veteran and female:pressure founder works her intense techno magic: Electric Indigo live at Nachtdigital 2015.


Create Digital Music, July 2015

Join Electric Indigo, Inner8 for an Immersion in Aesthetics


Falter, July 2015

„Brav hat uns nicht interessiert.“ Electric Indigo als eine der beide Kuratoren von Popfest Wien im Gespräch...


Straylandings, July 2015

My interest in granular synthesis came from the idea of transforming spoken word recordings in various languages into increasingly abstract sounds. It is the most obvious method, I guess. But of course, there were other granular transformations I used before - mainly using Ableton Live audio effects like GrainDelay, or MaxForLive devices like GrainFreeze by Robert Henke. For my first multichannel piece “Structuring Contours” I wanted to....


Digital in Berlin, July 2015

On the one hand, it is the machines / tools / devices I use to make music – both their possibilities and limitiations are inspiring. On the other hand, personal exchange with friends and acquaintances who have similar interests but different perspectives is my most valuable source of inspiration. Attentive listening to all kind of sounds but especially in nature is also extremely rewarding for me...


ByteFm, July 2015

Als technisch systematisierte Antwort auf die gängigen Kommentare, dass es so wenig Frauen in der Szene gäbe, entworfen und gegründet. Die Erfahrung zeigt, dass Frauen nicht untätiger sind, sondern ihre Aktivitäten weniger wahrgenommen oder einfach auch vergessen werden...


Ableton, July 2015

I used two sources of basic raw material. One was a recording of a baroque organ that had manual registers pulled halfway out, so there are almost breath-like tones, and sometimes the registers would pop in or out all the way because it's not a stable state for them to be halfway, so there are clicking noises in the piece as well. The other was using different objects to knock on the wood or hit the strings inside a grand piano. Both of these sound sources are very traditional, and the idea of transformation into something contemporary, that was the plan...


Blitzkickers, April 2015

"To give up or to go on - What makes an artist" Interview with Electric Indigo


Create Digital Music, October 2014

Journey into “Morpheme,” a half-hour audiovisual odyssey by Electric Indigo (aka Susanne Kirchmayr) and visualist Thomas Wagensommerer. An exercise in granular extremism, it begins as a delicately crackling mist of noise, as if atoms were dancing. Just about five and a half minutes into this excerpt…


Female:pressure : femalepressure.wordpress.com/press-review