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FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER - Lunik (Shitkatapult Strike 168) / shitkatapult/lunik-album

SINN + FORM is a project by Frank Bretschneider and Pierce Warnecke. It explores the limits of man’s constant attempts to capture and control the world through description and prediction. Reflecting the fact that mathematical and physical theories and models increasingly incorporate chaos and contingency, SINN + FORM (sense + form) takes shape as a modular synthesizer system that produces a constant flow of randomly generated data that influences the musical parameters of pitch, note length, volume, tone.

Bretschneider’s music, recorded on both Buchla and Serge synthesizers at the prestigious EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, is fused with Warnecke’s visuals, mechanically produced through printed stills that are modulated through a custom built machine so as to create movement and variations in lighting. The result is a hybrid analogue-digital system that uses light, machine, image and sound to create an interactive multimedia ensemble.

More Videos : Bretschneider


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