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With her surrealist experimentations, Colombian musician Lucrecia Dalt draws from a vast wealth of artistic and philosophical influences:
from New German Cinema and artificial intelligence to the politics of listening and technological ideas of the future.
After working as a civil engineer in Colombia, Lucrecia has since moved from Barcelona to Berlin.
She has released five solo albums, collaborated with musical kindred spirit Julia Holter and worked on podcasts for the online radio of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, on sound design installations and performative pieces for institutions such as Reina Sofia Museum and the Maisterravalbuena gallery of Madrid, in collaboration with visual artist Regina de Miguel.

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Lucrecia Dalt @ Art's Birthday 2017

Lucrecia Dalt and visual artist Regina de Miguel have created the audio-visual piece "We Are a Plot Device".
Performed at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.
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Lucrecia Dalt is hosting a regular radio show at RBMA Radio.
Every 4th Monday of the month she presents
"Pli - which generates a portrait and a map of sounds constructed from the films that have influenced the work of each guest."

RADIO PANIK interview with Lucrecia Dalt and with Mary Ocher

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