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Lucrecia Dalt - Tar (from the album Anticlines, release on May 4th, 2018)

URSULA BOGNER - WINKEL PONG - faitiche15 / remixed and edited by Lucrecia Dalt
Winkel Pong contains three previously unreleased pieces from the archive of the sound researcher Ursula Bogner who died in 1994. For Winkel Pong the tape archive was passed on to Lucrecia Dalt. The Berlin-based Colombian sound artist and musician chose three tracks from the 1980s (exact dates unknown), editing the tape recordings for this release.
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“Pli generates a portrait and a map of sounds constructed from the films that have influenced the work of each guest. This episode features Roc Jimenez de Cisneros, an artist from Barcelona who’s part of computer music group evol together with Scottish artist Stephen Sharp. Their work deals with the distortion of time and space, psychedelia and the deconstruction of techno culture. Roc and I sat together to talk about film, soundtracks, sound effects, science fiction, scale, matter, time stretching, objects, and this is the result…” – Lucrecia Dalt

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