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Longform Editions, Bandcamp, November 2018

Artist notes: This piece consists of three different 10-minute-long tracks I played and recorded with the piano by completely improvising. Normally when I compose music, I always put different kinds of layers on each recordings and editing a lot with some electronic elements with a traditional idea of structuring sounds. But this time for Longform Editions I wanted to do only an improvisation just to make something simple, intuitive, and pretty raw but honest including...


Bandcamp, November 2018

November's Best Ambient: "Improvisation for Piano in Summer 2018" exquisitely shows @midori_hirano's range and skill as a lifelong piano player.


Bandcamp, November 2018

Hirano put out a beautiful album of piano compositions with vivid field recordings and bassy undertones, Minor Planet, on Berlin label Sonic Pieces in 2016; for Longform Editions, she strips back her process, with three 10-minute improvisations solely recorded on piano.


Neues Deutschland :

Die in Berlin lebende japanische Pianistin und Klangexperimentatorin Midori Hirano, die auch unter dem Namen MimiCof Musik produziert, zeigt hier, was man mit einem analogen Buchla-Synthesizer aus den 70er Jahren, mit dem sie exzessiv experimentiert hat, alles machen kann. Herausgekommen ist eine Musik, die in dicken Wülsten aus der Tiefe des Raumes hervorquillt und dorthin wieder zurückströmt.


Groove :

Das über das The Notwist-Label Alien Transistor erscheinende Moon Synch entstand nicht auf der dunklen Seite des Erdtrabanten, sondern basiert auf Experimenten mit dem Buchla-Synthesizer im schwedischen EMS Elektronmusikstudion, wo Hirano im Rahmen einer Residency zu Gast war. Der erste Vorab-Track „Spins“ deutet schon an, in welche Richtung es geht: Flirrige, tiefenentspannte Electronica aus dem schwerelosen Raum trifft das akzuentierte Klavierspiel, das zu Hiranos Markenzeichen geworden ist.


Boomkat :

MimiCof's latest album, Moon Synch, is an experimental sonic link between human and celestial bodies, mind and machine, gravitational ripples and rotations. Moon Synch is the result of an intricate search for converging frequencies, a wordless account of well-modulated speeds and interlocking spheres.



In questo nuovo lavoro, MimiCof ha abbracciato con maggiore convinzione il kraut rock più intergalattico e astratto (e se vogliamo anche la psichedelia spaziale dei Pink Floyd di Interstellar Overdrive). Messe in secondo piano le tecniche glitch, la musica ora si affida a tecniche minimaliste, ai continuum alla Ligeti e alle manipolazioni elettroniche alla Stockhausen.


Suffissocore :

I loop ipnotici ed i layer cinematici che si sviluppano da tracce come ‘Rising’, che fin dal titolo sottolinea l’obiettivo dell’artista, ‘Burning Lights’ e ‘Dropping’, generano un flusso cinematico pari a quelli di thriller moderni quali The Neon Demon o Split.


Gonzo Circus :

Een enkele keer (‘She Was There’) wordt het geluid plots gruizig en venijnig; een percussieve melodie en een woud van pulsen en vibraties eindigt in het geraas van zee en storm. De schoonheid van ‘Minor Planet’ zit in de subtiliteit van geluiden en de zeer kundige plaatsing van de verschillende elementen.


A Closer Listen :

​In the end, “Rolling Moon” imagines the water trapped below the surface, sustaining life, reflecting H.G. Wells’ visions in The First Men in the Moon. As the leaves begin to fall, exposing the sky, Minor Planet provides a perfect score for stargazing.


Fluid Radio :

Rich and colourful, the third solo album from Japanese sound artist Hirano is an investigative exploration into contemporary minimalism.


Tiny Mixtapes :

Its ambient textures and gentle piano melodies are all but guaranteed to make you dream about the far reaches of our universe.


Time Magazine :

..These elements are blended through subtle orchestrations and seamless improvisations to create a sensual, cinematic sound — think Michael Nyman times Hans Zimmer to the power of Sigur Rós. ..at once familiar and odd, with the ineffable quality of a dream.


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