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Sone Records, JP :

Guliagava EP by Natalie Beridze TBA, now in Japanese stores!

Polyphonie, May 2016 :

Pamiętacie muzykę gruzińskiej artystki nagrywającej jako TBA czy Tusia Beridze? Teraz powraca z nową solową płytą.

SPEX, May 2016 :

Natalie Beridzes früherer Decknamenzusatz »TBA« bedeutet einerseits »to be announced«, ist aber auch das georgische Wort für See – und Wasser, Flüssigkeit und Schweiß sind wiederkehrende Themen auf Guliagava. Sie fließen, tropfen, strömen in Meere und Seen und bieten keinen Schutz. Der Text zu »Fishermen 2015« stammt aus dem Abschiedsbrief eines syrischen Flüchtlings, der im Mittelmeer ertrank. Der gefährlich hin und her schlingernde, wuchtige Beat von »Light Is Winning« macht deutlich, dass der Weg zum Licht ein beschwerlicher ist. Und ja, Guliagava gibt es. Als Utopie und Dystopie zugleich.

Aural Aggravation, May 2016 :

The textures Beridze creates, and the way she contrasts them, are magnificent, making Guliagava an evocative, haunting album heavy with implicit meaning and resonance.

Deutschlandfunk Radio, May 2016 :

Experimentelle Kompositionen, getaucht in Melancholie
Die georgische Musikerin Natalie Beridze brauchte nicht viel mehr als Laptop, Midi-Keyboard und Mikrofon, um ihre fragilen Sound-Skulpturen zu kreieren. Ihr neues Album "Guliagava" klingt beeinflusst vom westlichen TripHop der 1990er-Jahre und vom musikalischen Erbe ihrer Heimat.

Pitchfork, May 2015 :

Send Two Sunsets comes on the heels of two EPs, Remember and When the Watchman Saw the Light, both released via Apollo Records, the ambient-leaning subdivision of R&S Records. R&S, aside from its roots in the Belgian New Beat scene of the mid-'80s, has released music from Aphex Twin, C. J. Bolland, and James Blake over the years.

Residet Advisor, Nov 2014 :

Antye Greie-Ripatti and Natalie Beridze, known respectively as AGF and TBA, will release an album on November 21st called I Am Life and produced under the name A-Symmetry.

Cyclic Defrost, Nov 2014 :

The idea sounded rejuvenating. It’s like someone lets you play with their toys big time! Downloading a new sample pack from her felt like digging into an unknown- a magic room. It is like staring into random windows from the street and envisioning whole embellishment, people and their lives inside those windows. It’s this process of contemplation, that engages your imagination and you stop being a consumer. Instead you become a creator of parallel worlds...

Beatport, Nov 2014 :

A-symmetry is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry. Symmetry is an important property of both physical and abstract systems and it may be displayed in precise terms or in more aesthetic terms. Violations of symmetry therefore present theoretical and experimental puzzles that lead to a deeper understanding of nature. Asymmetries in experimental measurements also provide powerful handles that are often relatively free from background or systematic uncertainties.

Kicking Against The Pricks, Dec 2011 :

An Album of the Year - Tba / Natalie Beridze – Forget’fulness

Released in March, the electronic pop of Natalie Beridze’s Forget’fulness has a marvellously glistening, detailed sound which like previous output betrays her time spent in Berlin. As it happens she didn’t go there unnoticed (Markus Schmickler and Thomas Brinkmann have made appearances, the latter releasing several of Beridze’s records on his label Max Ernst, while Pole’s Stefan Betke mastered Forget’fulness). But there’s a warmer and serener quality to Beridze’s productions than you are likely to hear from many…


Liability, 04.10.2011 :

Il y a six ans de cela, on découvrait Natalie Beridze en compagnie de Rosario Bléfari, Eglantine Gouzy et Catarina Pratter sur le disque inaugural de la série 4 Women No Cry. Depuis, on ne peut pas dire que la jeune femme ait fait beaucoup de bruit. Pourtant, elle en a sorti des disques. Sous son nom évidemment, ou en prenant le nom de Tusia Beridze (ce qui fut d'ailleurs le cas sur la compilation du label Monika Enterprise) ou alors sous les pseudos TBA / TBA Empty. Loin d'être inactive sa musique a parfois eu du mal à arriver jusqu'à. Et c'est fort dommage car la georgienne a toujours su mettre en œuvre une musique saisissante, une synth-pop éthérée à la limite de l'ambiant qui a su séduire un type comme Ryuichi Sakamoto qui signe avec elle un des titres de l'album (Blue Shadow). Avec Forget'fullness on a cette impression de pop aquatique, une approche très japonaise dans l'ensemble. La rêverie est totale, on se laisse…


Projecto Cellophane, 11.08.2011 :

…Como tem sido apanágio, quem estiver interessado na playlist completa, mande-me um e-mail. Até lá, posso adiantar que este CD/DJset/Podcast conta com a música de :

Ak Kids, Clark, Black Swan Lane, Dark Captain, Greie Gut Fraktion, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Mercury Rev, My TV is Dead, Natalie Beridze/TBA, Odawas, PNDC&housework, Port-Royal, Screen Vinyl Image, Stendeck, Static, The Seven Mile Journey, We Fell To Earth, Worm Is Green



A Caucasian Bjork called Tusia Beridze...



...What is theme as well as sound you were going for on "Forgetfulness"?
I don't have a concrete theme nor sound in any of my albums. It's more like a patchwork. There's no real sense of togetherness and cohesion to my albums. Each track speaks for itself. Sometimes I want to make a "one-whole" album, with a linear story-line and tracks merging into one-another, but then I get easily bored by this persistency and restraint and write a track that withdraws itself out of the concept of the album.
...What is your favorite song off of "Forgetfulness"?
Song: "The Face We Choose To Miss". Track: "Half This Game Is 90% Mental". …

Complete Interview :


SPEX, May 2011

ELEGY, April 2011

Natalie Beridze / TBA booking contact : MO[AT]MEDIA-LOCA.COM

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