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Born 1970 in Weissenfels, former GDR, Pulsinger produces music since more than 18 years and is well known in many contexts, due to a broad range of international releases and live appearances.

The first solo releases on Disko B in early and mid 90`s evolved around the basic, machine and analogue synth driven idea of techno in its purest sense. The album Porno (Disko B), released in 1995, is considered as one of the classic techno albums of the 90´s and is still a favorite amongst collectors and techno enthusiasts. The combination of dance and listening music with a great variety in style, as well as the use of electronic and natural instruments with a hint of jazz is mostly reflected in parts of the „Dogmatic Sequences Series“, 1994 – 2006 (Disko B), but is also shown in productions for other labels like Cheap Records, Compost, M plant, R&S, Morbid, Trust, Vortex, etc.

Extensive research in analogue recording techniques, improvised music and exchange of musical ideas with jazz musicians brought about numerous collaborations and the release of the album „Easy to assemble – Hard to take apart“ (form and function/zomba) in 2002 and the all analogue project dp-S, together with Werner Dafeldecker. „Conjecture“ (BigBeak Recordings) was released on vinyl album in late 2009.

After his return from New York in 1993, Pulsinger founded the label Cheap Records together with Erdem Tunakan. Whereas it served as a playground for their own productions in the beginning, it later became a highly acclaimed, internationally recognized imprint for artists like Mika Vaino, Robert Hood, Christopher Just, Gerhard Potuznik, Louie Austen, Phillip Quehenberger, Susanne Brokesch, August Engkilde, Take Rodriguez and many more. Pulsinger was involved as co-writer and producer in many diverse projects on Cheap Records. The releases of Oebles, IO, Love The Machines, Restaurant Tracks, Lazermusik, Showroom Recordings, Sluts ‘n strings & 909 etc. reflect the wide scope that made the label home to so many different musical styles and bold experimentations, which took its protagonists around the globe as DJs and live-acts.

After releasing the anniversary CD compilation „10 Years of Cheap Records“ in 2003 Pulsinger left the label in order to focus on working at his newly build and by now already renown Feedback Studios Vienna. As producer and engineer he accompanied artists and bands like :
Patrick Wolf, DJ Hell, Trio Exclusive, BulBul, Mark Steward, Philipp Quehenberger, Quruli, Freud, Ritornell, Elektro Guzzi, Hercules and Love Affair and many more.

Remix clients include :
100 Hz, Anti-Pop Consortium, Electronicat, Ken Ishi, Lamb, Tanzmusik, David Holmes, Justice, Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys (with DJ Hell), Dogboy!, Cassy and Dave the Hustler, Foremost Poets, Little Nobody, Gintare, G Rizo etc.

One exceptional excursion in Pulsinger’s career is his adaptation of the classic ballet piece Swanlake by Tchaikovsky at the Volksoper Vienna in 1999 (together with Erdem Tunakan) which won the Austrian New Music Award.

Recent and upcoming projects include live performances with dp-S, the release of the album ElektroGuzzi (Makro Records) and his 4th solo album „Impassive Skies“ (Disko B), to be released on June 18th 2010. This new album is featuring guests like G.Rizo, Theresa Rotschopf, Abe Duque, Fennesz, Franz Hautzinger and many more. Currently he is co-producing the second Hercules and Love Affair album in his studio in Vienna, to be released in 2010.

Discography :