RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI's moving truck got stolen!

This message came in just a few hours ago…
„Friends in Seattle (and elsewhere): our moving truck got stolen with everything in it last night. Everything is gone. If you have spare time and see any listings on EBay or Craigslist from Seattle area containing high value musical instruments or studio gear, please forward my way. I’ll be posting on my website a full list of studio items. These are the most likely to be pawn/fenced quickly. Thanks for reading. Hoping the universe sends some good news our way soon! What a royally screwed up way to exit the city. I’ve pretty much lost today 15 years worth of my life. Lame, but we’ll survive. At least we got our health. Could have been worst.“
More details at slog.thestranger.com
Here is a list of the stolen studio gear:
If there is any way you could possibly help, then please get in touch with Media Loca at

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