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Fullmoonzine, August 2019

Problémy, které vidět nechceme (Rafael Anton Irisarri)

Hudba Rafaela Antona Irisarriho byla už dříve společensky angažovaná – nahrávka Shameless Years příznačně nahraná v Mexiku je spojována s Trumpem a mexickými přistěhovalci, novější Colourful Midnight se už obrací k prostředí, ve kterém žijeme, a k enviromentálním tématům.


The New Noise, July 2019

Nel 2015 Irisarri ha realizzato il suo capolavoro: A Fragile Geography. In quel disco – e non solo lì – dal punto di vista concettuale il paesaggio esteriore e quello interiore si confondevano: questo è anche, all’incirca, il significato di “solastalgia”, neologismo (sul mio Devoto Oli del 2017 non c’è, mannaggia la miseria) che sta a indicare il malessere provocato da un cambiamento radicale della natura intorno a noi: gli esempi che vengono fatti sono quelli di incendi di boschi e di altri drammi come alluvioni o uragani.


Headphone Commute, July 2019

Consistency in the quality of his output, attention to every minute detail, and the careful crafting of the dynamics, subsequently pillared by the impressively present Room40, have put this musician on the map of the influencers in the genre, forever solidifying him in HC’s hall of fame.


Tartine De Contrabasse, June 2019

Après des années à carburer à l’ambient provenant de tous les horizons, force est de constater qu’il est de plus en plus difficile pour moi d’être contenté par ce genre. Une certaine homogénéité semble en émerger au fil du temps, avec pour effet secondaire une lassitude progressive qui s’enracine dans ce qui a pourtant participé à me construire musicalement ces dernières années. Le revers positif de cette médaille, c’est que quand l’oreille est attirée par des sonorités qui sortent de ce cadre lisse, c’est presque à coup sûr un voyage extraordinaire prêt à se déposer au creux de la main ; le retour de Rafael Anton Irisarri chez Room40 en est assurément un.


Filter, June 2019

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Solastalgia


Son Of Marketing, June 2019

One year after Sirimiri and El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente, New York-based sound artist and producer Rafael Anton Irisarri released a new album. Solastalgia is out now via ROOM40. As the press release reports, Solastalgia imagines that which is not yet known. It traces possible terminus points for futures that many of us will not live to see. Utilising a range of unexpected variables, automations and uncontrolled systems in the creation of the recordings, Irisarri has developed a new approach to his work, seamlessly weaving together intense layers of texture and saturated harmony.


Cyclic Defrost, June 2019

Rafael Anton Irisarri is an American composer who creates incredible suites of dense atmospheric soundscapes utilising bowed guitars, piano, strings, synths, field recordings, voices, and electronic instruments. Over the last decade he has released his work on labels of the calibre of Ghostly (USA), Morr Music (DE), Room40 (AU), and Umor Rex (MX), though he has enjoyed a particularly fruitful partnership with Lawrence English’s Room40 imprint, with his new album Solastalgia their fourth long player together.


Popminotor, June 2019

Kürzlich erschien das phänomenale neue Werk des US-amerikanischen Minimal-Music-Komponisten RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat er die sechs epischen Tracks von Solastalgia kommentiert …


ClubbingSpain, June 2019

Una semana más volvemos con nuestra selección de algunos de los álbumes más destacados de cuantos han sido publicados en los últimos siete días. Esta semana tenemos el nuevo trabajo de Rafael Anton Irisarri en Room40[...]


Music Map, June 2019

Nel suo nuovo album, Solastalgia (appena uscito per Room40 Records), Rafael Anton Irisarri, compositore, polistrumentista e produttore, immagina scenari futuri, apocalittici e imprevedibili, ai quali probabilmente nessuno di noi riuscirà mai ad assistere. Nel creare questi panorami di possibili realtà tesse un immaginario complesso, fitto di riferimenti colti alla musica classica sperimentale contemporanea, all’avanguardia e all’elettronica.


Brainwashed Radio, June 2019

Episode 420: June 16, 2019 (Guest: Rafael Anton Irisarri) playlist:
Rafael Anton Irisarri, "Coastal Trapped Disturbance" (Solastalgia) 2019 Room40 Rafael Anton Irisarri, "A Great Northern Sigh" (The North Bend) 2010 Room40 Rafael Anton Irisarri, "Empire Systems" (A Fragile Geography) 2016 Room40 Rafael Anton Irisarri, "Decay Waves" (Solastalgia) 2019 Room40


Fluid Radio, June 2019 by James Catchpole

I got into music heavily when I was around 9 years old. I was a pretty awkward kid, kind of a loner, frail, and bullied boy. Music became my way of coping with the fact that I didn’t seem to belong anywhere. I had this feeling of “everything I’ve been told is wrong” – so I created my own little world, with music playing a central role. When I was about 10, I saw the most wonderful thing on the telly – Guns N’ Roses Live at The Ritz. It was incredible to see this as a child: afterwards all I wanted to do was curse like a sailor and drink Jack.


Bandcamp Daily, June 2019

Solastalgia—a portmanteau of the words “solace” and “nostalgia”—describes “the feeling of distress associated with environmental change.” While it was only recently coined by the Australian professor Glenn Albrecht, the feeling is universal—it’s been a part of the human experience for centuries.


Boiler Room, 2019

"Coastal Trapped Disturbance" from Room40 artist Rafael Anton Irisarri is dense drone on an epic scale. Sean Curtis Patrick matches this sense of the grand on his accompanying video that demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible.

Noisey Music by Vice, June 2019 by Lewis Gordon

Rafael Anton Irisarri is relieved that spring’s finally in bloom. The artist’s home, tucked away in the woods 50 miles north of New York city, was battered by another winter of extreme snow, ice, rain and wind just after he wrapped up recording of his latest album Solastalgia in the summer of 2018. But the blossoming flowers and chirruping birds offer only fleeting respite to a musician acutely tuned in to his immediate surroundings.


Tone Shift, June 2019 by TJ NORRIS

Rafael Anton Irisarri‘s new work Solastalgia couldn’t come at a more crucial time in our environmental history. In fact, it would seem that artists across the world should take a stand, in their own way, to combat any powers that be that would deny the negative impact of man’s imprint upon our plant.


Fluid Radio, June 2019 by James Catchpole

What is the importance of music in the modern age? Within society, within culture, and our experience of life on this planet? Why do you think music has such lasting, transcendent power?
Music in this modern era could be observational (at least to me). To comment on the state of current affairs, to create perspective and make you think about things that perhaps we should be thinking about but we aren’t. Simultaneously, music could be viewed as a form of therapy, I way for us to cope with our human condition and challenges.


Ghostly, May 2019

...Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Irisarri grew up playing in punk and reggae bands before the world of electronic music opened up to him in the 1990s. His GhostlyCast mix, In Blue Rooms, is a tribute to this formative time. He explains, "I'm a product of ambient chill rooms — that's where I'd find myself most comfortable whenever I went to the clubs or attended raves. The mix contains ambient music I first heard in those rooms. You can hear all kinds o

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