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Artist equipment (i.e. what I bring with me on tour) :

01. 1 x Macbook Pro 13” laptop
02. 1 x Novation launchpad MIDI controller
03. 2 x KORG nanoKontrol MIDI controllers
04. 1 x KORG nanoKeys MIDI keyboard
05. 2 x Radial re-amp boxes
06. 1 x MOTU Ultralite audio interface
07. 2 x Boss Digital Delay DD6 pedals
08. 1 x Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Reverb
09. 1 x Electro-Harmonix POG2 pedal
10. 1 x Boss Digital Delay/Reverb pedal
11. 1 x powered USB hub
12. 1 x Moogerfooger MIDI Murf pedal
13. 1 x Moogerfooger LowPass filter
14. 1 x Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
15. 1 x Moogerfooger FreqBox
16. 1 x Moog Minitaur Bass synthesizer
17. 1 x DSI Tetra synthesizer
18. 1 x RNLA compressor
19. 1 x VodooLabs power supply
20. 1 x Ernie Ball volume pedal
21. 40 x 1/4 “ TRS cables
22. 1 x guitar tuner & strap, and e-bow

Backline equipment required (i.e.what you'll need to provide) :

01. Professional PA system capable of producing 120dB at the FOH position...across all frequencies.
02. Allen & Health 16-channel/6 aux mixer onstage (WZ3 16:2 model preferred).
03. Stereo monitors facing the artist from the sides (L/R) with FOH mix.
04. XLR cables (stereo pair) for connecting onstage mixer to main mixer or PA or Stereo DI.
05. 2 x Vox AC30 or Fender Twin Reverb w/Tremolo guitar amps.
06. 2 x power strip (minimum of 6 inputs each)
07. 2 x Shure 57 (or equivalent) mics w/stands
08. 1 x direct box (to FOH)
09. 1 x black electric guitar (Gipson or Epiphone Les Paul – this model is essential for playing with a bow)
10. 1 x cello bow
11. 1 x clean stage table (minimum dimensions: 4' height, 2' wide, and 6' long) with large black fabric/cloth skirt.
Please note: Raf is 1.92 meters tall - a suitable table (preferably height adjustable) is mandatory.
12. 1 x guitar stand
13. 2 x 9v batteries
14. 1 x black marker (Sharpie),
15. Mixing board marking tape (1” thick), gaffta tape & paper.

Input list at FOH :

01 / Stage mixer L
02 / Stage mixer R
03 / Bass signals (via DI)

Notes :

Flash photography is not allowed during the performance, no exceptions. Any plans to record or videotape the actual performance MUST be cleared with artist management prior to the event.

It is imperative the venue has a modern PA capable of producing high frequencies accurately to 16k and low frequencies down to at least 40Hz at 120dB without distortion. LED meters should never go red: if they are red, it distorts. When things distort that are not meant to distort it sounds terrible and can mess up the PA. The sound engineer must understand and be aware of the content and is well adept in maximizing the PA for the performance, utilizing limiters to protect the equipment. The artist is NOT responsible for faulty equipment or any damage caused to equipment due to sound engineer's lack of understanding of the content presented. Under no circumstances, the artist will perform with faulty P.A. or P.A./monitors with a “buzz” or “earth loop”.
The promoter guarantees the venue will have a suitable sound system for the performance. No suitable sound system means no performance; no exceptions will be made. The promoter/organizer will still be responsible for artist fee & costs in the event of a cancellation due to improper equipment or faulty gear.

Promoter is responsible for instructing the audience to turn off mobile phones and be quiet during the performance. Promoter/organizer should instruct the audience to bring earplugs for the performance.

Lighting: House lights dimmed before performance; space completely dark during performance. Dimly lit onstage with single color non-dynamic light.


All questions to be directed to MO[AT]MEDIA-LOCA.COM

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