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Born in Pereira, Colombia in 1980, and now based in Berlin, Germany, LUCRECIA DALT has seen her profile as a musician, sound artist and performer develop into high international regard. Her recorded albums - numbering seven in total, since her 2005 debut - encompass the dual worlds of avant-garde and contemporary electronics, drawing in influences from her academic background as a civil engineer as well as musics and philosophies from across the world.

Dalt’s most recent album - the acclaimed Anticlines, released May 2018 through New York’s RVNG Intl. - was created from synthesis, voice, vocoding and feedback among other musical techniques. It has been described as a marvelous exploration of mercurial ambient music.

As a performer, Dalt illustrates philosophical metaphor about existence creating a complex, haunting narrative, embodying many artistic disciplines with the thought and contextual detail that goes into her work; deeply framed messages are tied together with abstract jagged music, rigid sound design and haunting, poetic vocals, to create a richly layered performance. It can at first feel a bit convoluted, but deep inside the music and beyond the lyrical narrative lies a profound piece of insular art.

Recent Release :

The name of the album comes from Dalt’s previous work in geotechnical engineering; an anticline is an arch-shaped rock form that is made of stratified rock of different ages. Disconcerting in the best possible way, Anticlines melds spoken words, abstract melodies and cold electronic sounds. It should be listened to when you want to think and be challenged. Best enjoyed as a full LP, although some tracks still stick out. Atmospheres Touch is a beguiling melodic effort and Axis Excess makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with its odd sounds and feelings. This is not background music!
Interspersed with the lyrical pieces of Anticlines are instrumental interstitials that demonstrate preceding concepts — as if to say, “this is what antiforms sound like, and this is what the universe’s indifference sounds like.” Dalt’s ongoing experiments with visual artist Regina de Miguel support these ideas, their practice allowing the objects of their attention to slip in and out of being.
Her slippery spoken word and performative nature is recalling the work of Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Asmus Tietchens, or Lena Platonos. While touching stones, The Thing by Dylan Trigg, Cascade Experiment by Alice Fulton, and Wretched of the Screen by Hito Steyerl are but a few formative scripts that support Dalt’s exploration of the betwixt and between.

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Pre-listening :

Lucrecia Dalt is playing solo

Or performing A/V presenting Anticlines with volumetric light design by Alessandra Leone.
Watch :

Lucrecia Dalt - Tar (from the album Anticlines)

Lucrecia Dalt - Edge (from the album Anticlines)

More :

Lucrecia Dalt is hosting a regular radio show at RBMA Radio.
Every 4th Monday of the month she presents
"Pli - which generates a portrait and a map of sounds constructed from the films that have influenced the work of each guest."

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The Netherland bookings : BOB[AT]BELMONTBOOKINGS.NL

North America bookings : Forest Juziuk / ASRA FOREST[AT]ASRAGENCY.COM

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